Cigar Trivia

Step right up and test your cigar knowledge! If you think you know it all, this is your proving ground. We have some of the rarest cigars in the world stashed in our Vault, and we’re asking you questions every bit as obscure to see who reigns supreme! Flex your brainpower on the questions given below, and get your results to see how you stack up.

What was the first Tatuaje Monster Series release?

What occasion does the Padron 1926 Serie No. 90 commemorate?

What binder tobacco is used in the La Flor Dominicana Factory Press VII?

What does "Nactamale" mean in Spanish?

Where does the name of the original 7-20-4 cigar brand come from?

What year did the original 7-20-4 factory close?

What did Nick Perdomo do for work before entering the cigar industry?

Where did the name "Destino Al Siglo" come from?

Why did Drew Estate create the Undercrown and where did the concept come from?

How many boxes of My Father Limited Edition 2015 were produced?