Steve Saka’s mythical Unicorns have arrived! The cigar world is abuzz with the release of this extremely limited and astronomically priced cigar. Is it really worth $100? What makes it worth so much? What type of expectations will we have when we light up, and will the end result live up to them? So many questions, and not many answers – especially since the only thing smaller than the number of folks willing to pony up a cool $100 for one single cigar is the number of $100 single cigars available in the first place.

However, we’re here to tell you that you can have a chance to capture an elusive Unicorn without doing the next best thing to literally lighting a $100 bill on fire. We have 5 Unicorns currently in captivity, and they will be randomly distributed among the next 50 purchases on Rare Cigar Shop of a full box/bundle of cigars that costs over $100. For those not great at math, what that means is that when you buy a box of cigars from us, you’ll have a 1 in 10 chance of having a Unicorn hitch a ride with your order! Just to be clear, that’s the first 50 boxes, not orders, so more than one box means more chances to track down a Unicorn of your very own.

And of course if you don’t get lucky and score a Unicorn, you’ll still have scored yourself a great deal on a box of your favorite stogies. There are certainly worse things to have happen. This offer starts now and ends when we sell 50 boxes – so get your order in now and make sure you get your chance to win!