Rare Cigar Shop is proud to bring you an exciting way to combine your love of football with your passion for premium cigars. The RCS Fantasy Freerolls series is a completely free program that will add some excitement to your NFL Sundays and give you the chance to win Rare Cigar Shop Gift Cards as prizes! You pick a new Fantasy Team each weekend, and compete head-to-head with cigar lovers from all over the country to see who’s fantasy skills reign supreme. The champion will be showered with gifts from Rare Cigar Shop along with the admiration and jealousy of those with teams that fell short. Cheer your players along on Sunday with the sweetest cigar of all – the victory cigar – awaiting the winner.

How does it work, you ask? Run on the popular daily fantasy sports website DraftKings, the RCS Fantasy Freerolls are private contests only available to those who have the special entry link. We’ll share the link via our website, email list, social media profiles, and in other cigar-loving social communities. It is 100% free to create a DraftKings account, and 100% free to enter all of our tournaments. There is no purchase necessary to enter, and there is no risk or financial obligation.

If you already have a DraftKings account, then you most likely know how this works already. Simply click the entry link, log in to your account, draft your team, and enter. If you do not have a DraftKings account, again, making one is free and it only takes a minute. Just click the tournament invitation link, and then click “Sign Up” in the upper right. Fill out your information and you’ll be off to the races! They will encourage you to deposit some cash to play in the real money contests offered on their site, but you do not need to make a deposit to create an account or to join our RCS Fantasy Freeroll tournaments. Once you’ve created an account, you’re ready to draft your team. Just fill in the players in their positions as indicated, it’s very easy and intuitive. The tournament page contains everything you need to know about salary caps, positions, player selection, rules, and scoring. Once you’ve got a great team, hit submit and cheer on your players!

Since this is a free contest on DraftKings, the prizes are awarded by Rare Cigar Shop and nothing will show in your DraftKings account. In order to be eligible for the prize, once you’ve entered your line-up, please email freerolls@rarecigar.shop using the subject line “RCS Fantasy Freerolls”. The email simply needs to include your DraftKings username and the date of the tournament. This way we can contact the winner and award them their prize. Emails must be received BEFORE kickoff in the first game on the schedule, since we don’t want anyone claiming anyone else’s team! Once the tournament is over and a winner has been determined, Rare Cigar Shop will contact the winner(s) and make arrangements for their prize to be awarded.


Enter Your Line-up

Check out the details on this weekend's tourney and find the special entry link.